Nobo Piranha Mobile Easel

Mobile base for ultimate flexibility (Diameter of base: 680mm)
Unique removable writing rule for perfectly straight writing, or use to underline key points neatly during presentations
Extending magnetic side arms in the top of the easel slide out easily when extra pages need to be displayed
Large, magnetic drywipe writing board, with room to store display magnets
Folding pen tray keeps pens and magnets secure when moving the easel
Height adjustable
Adjusts from 1650mm in height to a max of 1950mm
when side arms are fully extended, the width of the board is 1840mm

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The Piranha Mobile Flipchart Easel is height adjustable and set on sturdy lockable castors for mobility and stability. It has 2 extending arms to hold extra pages and a removable rule for straight writing or underlining. It doubles as a magnetic drywipe board with a folding pen tray, a flip-up clamp to change pads and sliding pad hooks to fit most pads.