It’s not just back to School, it’s back to the classroom
It’s not just back to School, it’s back to the classroom

As teachers prepare to receive their students back into the classroom, we all need to make sure that they have the optimum learning environment and that they stay safe and healthy. Here at Tsiakkastel we can help you do that.

Ricoh Interactive Flat Panels

The Ricoh Flat Panel Displays bring Interactivity into the Classroom.  They connect to any device and any platform and feature an intuitive user interface.  You can quickly start a lesson, whiteboard session, browse the web or use easy preinstalled apps such as in-class votes, stopwatch, spotlight, and others.  You can even record a lesson with audio for students who miss class.  Screen sharing, simultaneous touch points and video conferencing are also supported.  But above all these sturdy and durable boards come with the Ricoh technology you have come to value and appreciate.

TruSens Air Purifiers

The TruSens Air Purifiers deliver purified air comfortably and efficiently throughout the room.  Not only does it filter air with an advanced 360-degree filtration system that collects pollutants from every direction, but it also uses a UV light to kill germs and bacteria that may be trapped in the filter.  The TruSens Purifiers come in a variety of sizes to fit  every room size and have a compact and sleek design.


And finally, one should not forget that Tsiakkastel is the leading provider of printers and multifunctional copiers that can print your class handouts whether these are in black and white or colour.

So, when you are back into the classroom give us a call to receive more information about our products.