Ricoh RansomCare: The solution against Cyberattacks
Ricoh RansomCare: The solution against Cyberattacks

Every day, organizations of all sizes are falling victim to increasingly sophisticated and frequent ransomware attacks. Prevention-based detection methods are no longer a strong enough defense strategy—organizations must evolve to utilize a layered approach. This approach will include a complementary, proactive detection solution, like Ricoh RansomCare, powered by BullWall, to stop illegitimate encryption. 

With a rapidly expanding attack surface to defend, and multiple entry points for malware, RansomCare is a proven added layer of defense with over 28 detection sensors to assess each file change and delivers a 24/7 automated containment response to ransomware outbreaks—with built-in response and reporting. When RansomCare detects encryption and file corruption on monitored file and cloud shares, an alert is raised instantly, and a response is triggered, instantly, to disable and isolate the device and user encrypting your data. 

With Ricoh RansomCare, organizations can protect all their data and configurations needed to bring them back to life following unpredictable disruptions. Without proper ransomware readiness, your data remains susceptible to potential loss and corruption.
Need More Support? Tsiakkastel, Ricoh and our team of experts will work with your organization to become an extended part of your Cybersecurity team. We can help your IT leaders reduce the burden on internal resources to manage, administer, monitor, and provide incident response, 24/7/365.

So, contact us to discuss your needs and show you what you can do to efficiently protect your organization’s data and iT infrastructure against ransomware attacks. We are just a phone call away at 22862700.