Kensington Wireless Presenter

Designed with intuitive controls and thoughtful features such as customizable buttons, extended range, and built-in memory to store a presentation, Kensington presentation remotes can help anyone take control of the room and present with confidence.The wireless nano receiver conveniently stores inside the battery compartment when not in use.

  • Kensington Wireless Presenter     A
  • Kensington Wireless Presenter    B

Intuitive 4-Button Controls
Forward and back buttons seamlessly move your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides, along with screen blackout option and a button to activate the laser pointer

Red Laser Pointer
Make your point at the touch of a button with a bright red laser that can highlight any part of your presentation with complete effectiveness

65-Foot Range
Roam the room with more freedom, knowing that your receiver will stay connected during your presentation

Internal Receiver Storage
Convenient place to store your wireless USB receiver so it won’t get lost, as each presenter and receiver are uniquely paired to prevent interference

Plug & Play 2.4GHz Wireless Connection
Offers secure and reliable performance through a compact USB receiver for the ultimate in freedom and mobility during your presentation

Operating System(s)
macOS, Windows
Wireless, 2.4GHz USB Receiver
Laser Pointer