50 and still going strong!
50 and still going strong!

Tsiakkastel is turning 50 this year. Does a company’s age really matter when you get down to it? In particular, one that deals with technology related products? We all know that with age comes knowledge and wisdom, experience and know how. But whether one feels that age actually matters or not - facts do.

As proud as we are to be turning 50, we are prouder by the fact that:

- We have grown to a team of 40 trained professionals that serve our customers all over Cyprus with a local presence in Nicosia, Larnaca and Pafos.

- Last year we placed more multifunctional devices in the market than ever before and we have seen our contracted volumes both in BW prints and colour prints grow for one more year.

- We have decreased our average response time for repair calls to under 3 hours, and increased our percentage of remote support to customer calls.

- We have continued to supply our customers with machines of the latest technology.

We are proud of our legacy. It shows that we are here for the long term, and that as we grow older, we continually find ways to offer our customers more efficient and effective service and solutions. This is a promise we intend to keep no matter how old we are.

Thank you to all our partners and customers for their support over the last 50 years.

Here’s to the next 50!