Docuware: Not just a Document Management System
Docuware: Not just a Document Management System

Document Management often refers to the processes and resources required to organise, store and retrieve documents. Documents can be hard copies or they can be already in a digital format such as email, word, excel and any other digital form you can think of.

On average, business without a proper document management system spend significant amounts of time trying to track and retrieve documents and this results in significant costs.  A recent survey found that an average employee may spend more than 4% of their time trying to retrieve documents daily. 

To avoid such costs and inefficiencies every organisation needs a powerful and efficient Document Management System. Docuware is such a software that enables companies to effectively store their documents and retrieve them using powerful automatic indexing methods that require minimal user intervention.  In this way, stored documents can be effectively retrieved at the tip of your fingers. 

But, what is more important is that there is so much more in Docuware than just a powerful and effective storage and retrieval system.  More specifically, you can organise workflows that enable tasks such as approvals, comments on a document or version history to be part of the document handling process. Documents can be tracked and traced and move within the office in a fully automated workflow.   Such workflows may include electronic forms, imports from other systems and so much more.
Finally, because Docuware is a cloud solution, not only are our documents stored securely but they can be accessed from your office or home and mobile devices.

So contact us about Docuware, to discuss your needs and show you what you can do to streamline all your documents and workflows and improve the productivity of your office.  We are just a phone call away at 22862700.