Kensington Spin Station

The Kensington SpinStation lets you clear the clutter from your desk with this unique, spinning storage unit and monitor stand. The multi-shape storage compartments provide quick, easy access to your most frequently used items. Stylish, functional, ergonomic - it is quite simply revolutionary.The suspended storage carousel rotates smoothly and easily without contacting the desktop surface, allowing easy access to your stored items. It can support a variety of monitors including flat panels and iMacs.

  • Kensington Spin Station      A
  • Kensington Spin Station       B

Adjusts from 2.25" tall to 3.25" tall.
Adjusts to match your personal comfort color, according to SmartFit™ guidelines.
Patented multi-compartment carousel organizes desktop tools for easy access
Places monitor at comfortable, eye level to ease neck strain
Small footprint conserves space and looks elegant on any desk
Sturdy design holds flat panel (LCD) monitors up to 40 lbs

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