Is your office data really secure?
Is your office data really secure?

When we talk about data security, we often think of software that would protect our systems from an external threat, a malicious virus that may infect our systems and steal our data.  Many organisations, rightly so, spent large amounts of money to protect such intrusions.  But what about data that is on our devices, devices that may reach their end of life and what about data that lies on our desks or our filing cabinets in paper format?  Tsiakkastel can take care of such threads that are equally important.


      1. Make sure your printing devices handle your data securely

While we often focus on our computers, printing devices also handle vast amounts of data that comes their way.  It is important to ensure that such data is well protected.  Tsiakkastel partners with Ricoh and HP, premium makers of printing devices that adopt the highest security standards and ensure that your printer is free of any external intrusions and more importantly that any data that passes through your printer is fully protected and erased once printed.


      2. Make sure your paper output is securely disposed

It is important to ensure that printed data is securely disposed.  Tsiakkastel represents 3 different paper shredder manufacturers, Acco-Rexel, Intimus and Fellowes, that offer shredders with high security standards for a variety of needs and a variety of paper volume.  Our sales experts can advise you on which model fits your needs.


     3. Make sure data on laptops and other devices that are replaced are fully cleansed and certified

At some point many of us need to replace our laptop or company computer or server.  Data erasure or even physical destruction may not be enough to secure that your data no longer rests on your old laptop or other device.  Tsiakkastel partners with Blancco to provide certified data cleansing for a variety of devices and provides a certificate for each item cleansed with a proprietary methodology that adheres to the highest safety standards in the industry.

So, no matter what your security concerns are please contact us to discuss the range of security solutions that we can provide.