Why choose second life machines?
Why choose second life machines?

At Tsiakkastel, our priority is to put our customers’ needs first. This means listening carefully to their requirements and taking into account their concerns, so that we can recommend the right multifunctional device that best suits their needs and offers the best value for money. We are also aware that sometimes, business conditions are turbulent or unstable, and business managers may not be able to predict their company’s printing or scanning needs for the long term.

Under such conditions a ‘Second life’ machine may be the ideal choice for such transitional periods. Tsiakkastel second life machines are Ricoh multifunctional that have been traded in by our customers and have been carefully selected, serviced and cleaned by our highly skilled engineers.  A second life machine is a well maintained machine that has an extended lifetime.  They can be purchased or rented at affordable prices, thus taking customers through to the next stage when their needs can be more clearly defined.

There are plenty of benefits to temporarily utilizing a second life machine for your company. From cost effectiveness to environmental advantages, here are three reasons you should consider a second life machine for the short term:


  1. It’s better for the environment. Refurbished machines are essentially recycled machines, and recycling is important for reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing landfills. By opting for a second life machine, you’re extending its lifespan. It’s a win-win proposition: you get the equipment you need and your business does its part to minimize their environmental footprint.
  2. It’s an affordable transition alternative. During an unstable period, your business may not be able to clearly define its printing requirements for the long-term. In such cases, many companies may wish to avoid investing in a new machine. This is when a well refurbished second life machine can be purchased or rented for 1, 2 or even 3-year maintenance contracts for peace of mind. This will help businesses keep their costs low during turbulent times.
  3. Spare parts, support, and service are all readily available. Purchasing a high-quality, used printing machine from a reputable distributor such as Tsiakkastel ensures that you will still have all the same benefits you would get if you purchased a new one. This means easily available spare parts that are procured from the original equipment manufacturer and are the right fit for your machine, as well as immediate support from our highly-skilled support staff who are on hand to address any issue you may have, either remotely or on-site.

So give it a thought.  If you are not quite sure what your future needs are or if your budget is tight at the moment talk to us.  A second life machine does not mean compromising with a lesser product. Rather, you are simply getting a quality product at an affordable price, all with the guarantee of Tsiakkastel.